Adams Golf Equipment

Adams Golf Equipment
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Questions and Answers

Golf adams and cleveland info?

I need info on these two golf brands for a 13 yr old of around 58 inches and also info for my mum a few inches taller than me

good brands? Which better for us

i tried both and shoot better with cleveland


Posted by comediandisco
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Cleveland is better known for their quality and consistency than adams. Adams Golf makes affordable golf clubs that are still fairly good quality. If you are deciding between the two, Cleveland is the much better way to go. For your mother however, it might be better for her to go with Adams Golf equipment because they have a much better selection for women's golf clubs.

Best golf equipment company?

So I'm getting a whole new set. I want to know which companies make the best equipment. For example:
Driver: Nike
Irons: callaway
Golf bag: callaway

Thank you!

Posted by rizzzle
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Eh… Go hit a bunch and buy what flies the best.
Don't buy a Nike driver just because everyone says "Oh geez, these Nike drivers are the shiz". Hit the darn thing, get in front of an analyzer, and base your decision off ball flight and feel. No point in saying company A is better than company B when technology these days is pretty equal and the question itself is entirely subjective. I'm not bashing Nike or anything, but i've seen a fair amount of players who seem to enjoy their drivers. I hit two of their drivers last year when shopping around for clubs, darn if they weren't the worst feeling/sounding things i've ever laid my hands on. The ball flight was terrible too. They just didn't work for me, not to say they won't work for you. I'm actually replacing my set this year as well. I've made no decisions, but there are a few companies I'm more interested in than others. My main focus being irons, I like what Callaway is bringing to the table, same with Mizuno. Titleist and Cleveland are always solid choices. Adams seems pretty good, my dad enjoys their irons, I'm not a fan of Ping irons, but it's all my brother plays. Nike has some blades that are pretty nice, Cobra is releasing Fowlers blades this year too. There's a ton of choices and all the main companies make solid clubs. Just go hit them.

What are the best brand of golf clubs?

I was just curious as to what are the best golf clubs.

Posted by Lara-Alexis M
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There is no "best" brand of golf clubs. The best ones are the ones that are fit for you and your swing, and you play well with.

For "best" do you want to count winning championships? Number of golfers that play the clubs? Birdies, eagles, holes in one scored? Length of drives, greens in regulation? Net income and assets? Dividends paid to the shareholder? The most expensive? There are a lot of ways to rate "best". Once week Mizuno wins (Stacy Lewis), another week Titleist wins (Rory McIlroy), another week Ping (Bubba Watson) wins, then Bridgestone (Brant Snedeker) wins. As a company Taylor Made Adidas, Titleist, Nike, Adams, Ping, Calloway are up in the ranks of the golf world, but that's not to say Cobra/Puma, Wilson, Cleveland, Mizuno, etc. Are not competitive.

There are plenty of other brands that do a great job. I'm playing a store brand this year, Acuity from Dick's Sporting Goods, that is outperforming my more expensive Adams and Taylor Made drivers and Cobra irons this year. To play competitively in USGA sanctioned or handicap events equipment, golf clubs and balls, must meet USGA specifications. So pretty much it levels the playing field.

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