Australia Golf

Australia Golf
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Questions and Answers

How many golf courses in western australia?

Posted by Ryan Abel
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Golf courses in Western Australia (149 records), In Austrailia over 1,500.

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Australia has 5 of the Top 100 Golf Courses in the World.
Royal Melbourne G.C.
Kingston Heath Golf Club
New South Wales Golf Club
Barnbougle Dunes
Royal Adelaide Golf Club.

Has anybody played disc golf in australia?

Posted by Chad
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Can you please explain what is disc golf? I've never heard of that before.

How do i work out my NZ golf handicap in Australia?

DOes anybody have a good way to calculate what my currnet N golf handicap would be in Australia?

Posted by Mike
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Mike, I believe Australia changed it's handicapping system last year to one that is based on the American slope system, the same as we use here in New Zealand.

Without being 100% sure, I think your NZ handicap index would be totally transportable to any course in Australia. Simply look up your index on the clubhouse index sheet same as you do at any club in NZ.

Google "Australian Handicapping System" and you'll get a lot of information, or alternatively check out this website Http:// This seems to be the Aussie equivalent of our website in New Zealand.

The contact details at the bottom might be a good place to ask your question.

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[Australian Golf Schools _ ANK GOLF] PGA IGI Skills Class …

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