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Australian Golf Club
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I am interested in playing golf and i want to no where i can get cheap gear but not second hand?

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This came up under Australian questions.

We don't have Wal Mart.

Garage Sales

Some radio stations have free advertising where people ring in on Saturday morning offering their stuff cheap. 2LM Lismore does this.

Trading Post

The For Sale section of your news paper either purchased or throw away.

Ring your local golf club and see if any of the retired members has a set for sale.

Google and see if there is a set on Ebay – be very sure that they are genuinely in Australia and are not a fraud if you decide to buy this way.

Talk to friends – someone may be buying a better set and want to shed their beginners set. You could get a good cheap set that way too.

Grab a copy of a Golf magazine from a newsagents. They may have second hand clubs for sale in them.

These are some sets for sale on Ebay. I think that they are shockingly expensive. You can do just as well or better for new ones at Kmart. Go and have a look and compare before you part with you dollars.

This is a start.

Good Luck!!!

GOLF Clubs – Urgent Advice Appreciated BIG TIME.?

After some new clubs – Mizuno's in particular. What do you think about these clubs?


They usually sell for about $1000 Australian dollars. These ones are only $120 US currently with only less than an hour to go.

I would need to re-shaft a club (or maybe just not worry about it).

Any advice would be appreciated BIG TIME……


Posted by Johnny
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Considering condition…. A broken shaft and groove wear on the scoring clubs…I'd say they were a bit pricey. The broken shaft makes one wonder about how they were treated in general.

Golf- putter choice between scotty and bettinardi?

I am an 8 handicap high school golfer and i am trying to decide between three putters, a mizuno bettinardi bc2, a scotty cameron studio stainless laguna 2.5, and an original scotty cameron TEI3 terrylium sante fe, which i would need to send to the custom shop. I already own the last two, but i have offers from people to purchase them, and could get a bettinardi pretty cheap, any suggestions? Thanks.

Posted by J.J.J.j
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First, although flippant, it doesn't matter. They are all engineered beyond your ability to play the game.

However, the more serious answer is that there are probably no objective things that you can use to measure the "quality" of a putter.
Some of the best golfers in history have used the most beat-up, run down putters you can imagine. A little research into professional putting history will demonstrate this. Ben Crenshaw, who won the Masters twice comes to mind, from his wikipedia entry:
Crenshaw is widely regarded as one of the best putters in golf history. His instructor growing up, Harvey Penick, taught him a smooth, effortless stroke on the greens, which allowed him to master even the speediest of greens — including those at Augusta National Golf Club. In winning the Masters in 1995 (a victory that came a week after Penick's death), "Gentle Ben" did not record a single three-putt during the tournament.
His putter is nicknamed "Little Ben"… The same Wilson 8802 he's had for 45 years. It cost $20

Here is his Hall of Fame entry that talks about this:

Botton line, it ain't the club!

The key, is to have a club that works in YOUR hands. I suspect that Crenshaw would have been fabulous with ANY putter!

I recently had the privilege of watching the Australian National Amateur Champ put. It was astonishing to watch the amount of touch she had! I watched her put down 10 twenty foot puts in a row.

At any rate, have fun, and enjoy the putter you choose!

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