Australian Golf Tour Schedule

Australian Golf Tour Schedule
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Golf is far richer than tennis..what are your thoughts?

Who else is somewhat annoyed?

I cannot really imagine how golf can be so as to command much more money than even tennis. And i think it is rather a boring sports, if it is even a sport. It is certainly less popular than tennis, and no doubt less played.

Posted by sajor
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If your talking about sponsorship money and TV ratings in the USA then the PGA is ahead, but not necessarily around the world. As tennis decide to not put all their eggs in 1 country like the PGA did and promote its self as an international sport. So the gap isn't a big as you may think.

In fact the prize money for the WTA has increased 23% since 2008 and the Australian Open increased their purse by 12%. It's much better for women tennis players on the WTA then LPGA.

Roger Federer does very well in endorsements around the world despite not really being promoted that much in America. ATP is increasing prize money as well for 2009 and signed 2 major sponsors.South American Airways for $20 million and Barclays is the sponsor for the end of year tournament ,ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS, 5 years for $30 million.

Besides I never understood why every one worries so much about whats popular. After all if you enjoy Tennis then that's all that matters.

Does anyone have a list of the entire field – Golf?

Dunlop Phoenix Open


Australian Open

And the format and times for both – Eastern Standard Time.

Posted by arlenrthomas
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Here is a link showing the 2006 PGA tour, Championship tour and Nationwide tour schedules, I hope it helps.

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Golf Australia – Daniela Iacobelli

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