Australian Golf Tournament

Australian Golf Tournament
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What is the prize money for the women's australian open golf tournament?

Posted by Debster
Which Australian recently won the John Deere Classic golf tournament?

Posted by cremedelacreme04
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I believe that it was John Senden. He won with a score of 19-under (265).


Which golf tournament has Tiger Woods won in Africa?

It's been reported that with his Australian Masters victory Tiger has won golf tournaments on all continents. I can't find which tournament he won in Africa and would welcome the answer!!

Posted by skeghill
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To be technical, the President's Cup in '03 was a draw I.E. Neither team actually won. The U.S. Retained the cup from the previous President's Cup match they won. He won some matches in that President's Cup, but hasn't actually won a stroke play tournament on the continent of Africa.

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Urban Golf (Newcastle, Australia)

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