Australian PGA Players

Australian PGA Players
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Is the real Tiger Woods a nicer guy than the real Phil Mickelson?

I ask this question because an Australian pro Golfer, Paul Gow, said that Mickelson is basically a fake. He said that Mickelson's nice guy, fan freindly persona is simply a carefully cultivated image. He says that the real Phil Mickelson is an arrogant person who ignores other golfers.

This is what Paul Gow said:

"Phil Mickelson ignores the other players. He's an arrogant person. What you see on television is totally different to what he is around the clubhouse. And Tiger is the opposite – he will talk to you, he will sit down next to you at lunch and ask about your family and stuff. Phil is the opposite. He has done some great acting classes in Hollywood and they've worked out for him."

Has anyone met both Tiger and Phil in person? Could you verify or invalidate what Paul Gow has said?

Posted by Whatever
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When i was in highschool we got to carry scoring signs at the at&t along with the golfer your holding it for. This was 7 years ago when i was 18 and Tiger wasnt the nicest guy out there lets just say that. He made the scorekeeper feel that small and i never respected tiger after that. He seems to think he's bigger then the world(although partially true the way he runs the PGA)

as for phil personally i dont know him well but he did refuse to sign my hat at the AT&T. But 2 years ago they had a poll in golf digest and (voted by fellow pga golfers) phil was voted least person liked and believe it or not vijay was voted the #1 person liked and respected. Phil seems to be arrogant while Vijay takes alot of young up and coming pga pros to dinner wednesday the day before tournaments.

Just a personal note above all Tim Herron was the most polite golfer i met. Craig Stadler was the coolest golfer met(he gave me free pro golfers only food!) and the late great Payne Stewart, god rest his soul, was the most classy golfer i ever met.

Hope some of that gave you some insight.

Do I have a shot at the PGA tour?

I'll give a bit of background about myself and my situation:

I am aspiring golfer playing off a handicap of 18. After a bad stretch of playing to 30+, I sold my Mizuno blade irons for Nike VR Pro Cavitys, which have helped get my ball striking and distance up quite a bit.

I have a few problems:

– My local course is only a short par 60, so I haven't had much experience on a championship layout, but I think my game would transition well.
– My coach told me I should change my grip from baseball to interlock but it feels weird.
– I was runner up in last years C grade club championships after being up by 2 with 3 to play. I can't seem to close out tournaments anymore even when my game is firing

My question is two parts:

1. What is the best way to attract sponsors? I have bought all Nike apparel to try and get their attention. I've heard that to take your game to the next level, its important to have financial backers otherwise you can't make it.
2. I'm also in my final year of university but thinking of dropping out to pursue my dream. Realistically, do I have a shot at making it on the US tour??? The Australian tour would not be enough incentive for me to give up on university.

Thanks in advance

A. Lam
aka Pro Lam
Jai, only serious answers please. I'm not here to talk with trolls. I have an inate drive to succeed that not many others have and have been told my swing is pretty good. Realistically tell me if i have a shot or not or don't post on this forum.

Posted by Alex
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Dear so called 'Pro Lam',
Firstly you dont lack confidence….but sounds like you are far from being a decent social golfer let alone a touring pro!

Let me tell you about my journey, on many occasions i have been refered to as the best short game player at Marrickville GC, the 'Vokey King', the boy wonder and mcgilla gorilla. My handicap is currently 23, but by the end of the year I will definitely be below you, potentially a scratch golfer by 2014. If only I could drive as well as I can chip but to be a tour pro, you need to dedicate your life to practice. My recommendation for you: buy a vokey and stop swinging like a girl.

Your brother Nathan.

Is any one else born in January and what date im 14 and No one has the same birthday as me it's not fair?

Posted by Faith
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Just a few b'days on jan 14th..
Actress Faye Dunaway (1941) 1941
– [Dorothy] Faye Dunaway, Bascom
Fl, actress (Chinatown, Bonnie &
1941 – Milan Kučan, Slovenian
1942 – Amichand Rajbansi, South
African politician
1942 – Carol Bellamy, Planfield NJ,
(City Council Pres-D-NYC, 1978-85)
1942 – Ian Brayshaw, Australian
cricketer and footballer
1942 – Dave Campbell, American
baseball player
1943 – Holland Taylor, Phila,
actress (Bossom Buddies, Camilla-
Naked Truth)
1943 – Jose Luis Rodriguez, Caracas
Venezuala, singer (Dueno De Nada)
1943 – Ronald Hunter, Boston
Mass, actor (Lazarus Syndrome)
1943 – Shannon Lucid, Shanghai
China, astronaut (STS 51G, 34, 43,
58, 76/79)
1943 – Mariss Jansons, Latvian
1944 – Graham Vivian Marsh,
Kalgoorlie Australia, PGA golfer
(1977 Heritage)
1944 – Marjoe Gortner, American
1944 – Nina Totenberg, American
1945 – Einar Hakonarson, Icelandic
1945 – Maina Gielgud, British ballet
dancer and administrator
1946 – Harold Shipman, British
serial killer (d. 2004)
1947 – Bill Weberniuk, Canadian
snookers player
1948 – Carl Weathers, New Orlean
La, actor (Apollo Creed-Rocky)
1948 – T-Bone Burnett, musician/
1948 – Tim Harris, rocker
1949 – Christine Belford, Amityville
NY, actress (Banacek, Empire,
1949 – Lawrence Kasdan, Miami FL,
director/writer (Accidental Tourist)
1949 – Paul Chubb, Australian
actor (d. 2002)
1949 – Mary Robison, American
1951 – Gil Pak Jong, Korea PR, judo
1951 – William Risrook, rocker (BT
Express-Here Comes the Express)
1952 – Sydney Biddle Barrow,
madam/autohr (Mayflower Madam)
1952 – Maureen Dowd, American
1952 – Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu,
Prime Minister of Romania
1954 – Jim Duggan, American
1956 – Étienne Daho, French singer
and songwriter
1956 – Ben Heppner, Canadian
1957 – Suzanne Danielle, English
1957 – Anchee Min, Chinese writer
1958 – Colin Ferguson, murderer (6
people on the LIRR on Dec 7,
1959 – Carl Chas Smash Smyth,
rock bassist (Madness-Our House)
1959 – Geoff Tate, vocalist
(Queensryche-Breaking the Silence)
1959 – Paul Terry, cricketer (in
Germany Two Tests England v WI
1959 – Susan Smith, Beloit WISC,
playmate (Sept, 1981)
1961 – Robert Edwin Hall,
1962 – Patrica Morrison, rocker
(Sisters of Mercy-Walk Away, Black
1962 – Michael McCaul, American
1964 – Sergei Nemchinov, Moscow
Russia, NHL center (NY Islanders,
1964 – Steven Soderbergh, writer
(Mimi, Schizoplis)
1964 – Mark Addy, British actor
1964 – Ernest Miller, American
1964 – Shepard Smith, American
news anchor
1965 – Dave Lowry, Sudbury, NHL
left wing (Florida Panthers)
1965 – Desiree Nosbusch,
Luxembourg, actress (The Fan)
1965 – Jemma Redgrave, London
England, actress (Buddha of
1965 – Shamil Basayev, Chechen
rebel (d. 2006)
1965 – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall,
British chef
1966 – Daniel J Schneider, Memphis
Tn, actor (Dennis-Head of the
1966 – Matt Brock, NFL defensive
end/tackle (NY Jets)
1967 – Emily Watson, actress
(Breaking the Waves, Boxer)
1967 – Terry Wooden, NFL
linebacker (Seattle Seahawks, KC
1967 – Tom Rhodes, actor (Tom
Rhodes-Mr Rhodes)
1967 – Kerri Green, American
1967 – Saskia Wickham, British

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