Brisbane Australia Golf Courses

Brisbane Australia Golf Courses
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I live in the us, but I want to move to brisbane australia what are the pros, and cons.?

I really want to move to Australia there are many opportunities, but im afraid to leave my friends and my family behind. I would love to know more about Brisbane and Australia. I know that have dangerous animals everywhere but thats not going to stop me. I'm just tired of living in the USA. Anybody have any pointers, about where to live in Brisbane, Australia. Also what it cost to live in Australia.

Thank You.

Posted by Jason H
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Jason, I once lived in Brisbane but it is a fair while ago. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, which is the third largest state of Australia by population. Over 1.7 million people live in the city and probably another 500,000 in the immediate region. The city is well served by suburban rail lines and there are bus services, taxis etc for public transport. There are several free to air TV stations and dozens of radio stations, internet access is fair to good and of course the phones all work. Water supply is safe and the city is fully sewered. As in all cities, the best areas are the elevated ones, preferably with a view of the river or the hills to the north west.

There is a severe water shortage at present but it looks as if the weather is tuning back to a wetter phase in Eastern Australia so it may only last a few more months. The main wet season is in summer.

It is tropical or sub-tropical and can be hot and humid in the middle of summer and can then sometimes have spectacular though brief storms which sometimes cause minor damage to house roofs, cars, blow down trees etc. Low lying areas are subject to severe flooding from the Brisbane River and local creeks but the worst floods happen about once every 80 years. During most of the year the climate is pleasant but in the cooler times you can get days of light rain when things get a bit cool and miserable. Actually the closest climate in the USA would probably be someplace like Miami.

Don't believe the nonsense spouted on this site about dangerous animals. There are no crocodiles in Brisbane except for zoos, there are some sharks in the river near the sea. As for spiders and snakes, spiders are everywhere, most of them are utterly harmless. There are no funnel web spiders, these dig holes in the ground and are the most dangerous in Australia. They are confined to the Sydney area where soils are sandy. The redback spider is possibly
the next most dangerous and is very similar to the American black widow, so much so that fairly recently it was suggested that the redback was accidentally introduced from America. I never saw a redback in Brisbane. The big huntsman and daddy long legs come into houses but are harmless, overnight orb spiders may build webs in the back yard but generally retreat to crevices during the day. St Andrew Cross spiders are colorful, but i never heard of anyone being attacked by them.

If you happen to live near the river you may see the occasional snake, it will almost certainly be a green tree snake which has no venom and will be more scared of you than you are of it. Other common animals in Brisbane suburbs are blue tongue lizards and the bearded or water dragon, these grow up to about the length of your forearm. Blue tongues will eat snakes and the dragons eat insects, mostly, but both will eat bits of meat if you throw them a piece. If you leave them alone they will not bother you. You will not see kangaroos in the suburbs, just as you do not see deer etc in American suburbs.

Brisbane has a number of excellent private and public schools, I have listed the web pages of a few in the sources below.

Sports facilities are good, there are plenty of golf courses, swimming pools, tennis, squash and basketball courts, football and cricket grounds and even a few baseball diamonds. Football is mostly Rugby League or Rugby Union, Australian Rules, Soccer and there will be some gridiron played. Water skiing is or was permitted on some stretches of the river.

Parks are good and well cared for. The Botanic Gardens are in the city area, and other similar set-up on Mt. Coot-tha, there are good sized parks near most suburbs. Because Brisbane is on a large river, beaches in the immediate area are not very attractive but the fishing can be good. Safe family beaches are at places like Deception Bay and Redcliffe just to the north, surf beaches at Surfer's Paradise to the south and the "Sunshine Coast" to the north.

The main con to Brisbane is that it growing like mad so housing prices and rents are high.

Where to move? Between brisbane,goldcoast or perth?

Well we live in tokyo now and we wanna move (my family) coz my dad wants to play golf professionally and play actual courses wich there arent good ones here and i want to go to a school (no english schools here i can go to) we also have a dog.. Anyway we dont like too boring life but if its too busy (like where we live now) there tends to be nothing to do coz of all the buildings.. Anyway where is the best place to live in terms of pricing coz i know perth is HELLA EXPANSIVE even though its a hole or brisbane ,goldcoast pls and thank you ALSO can u swim in the ocean in goldcoast? Coz i see they kinda copied waikiki with the big buildings infront of the beach but i heard there are sharks and jellyfish and the sea is cold..

Posted by Cordelia Chase
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Mate. Perth has the best beaches in Australia and even Hawaiians go to that state.

Costs are not high because in most jobs the pay is much higher so relatively you are better off

And there is stacks (lots) of room for your dog.

I am disabled and I like to play golf, Is there a golf group that plays with disabled in Australia? Please?

And I don't only means a golf range.

Posted by Greg c
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You could start with this one and they could refer to others dependant on which State you are in.

Golf, the ultimate challenge of mind and body. Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association offers anyone with a physical disability or vision impairment the opportunity to participate in one of the most popular sports in the world.

Golf offers the same benefits and opportunities for people with a disability as it does for able-bodied golfers. Whether for rehabilitation, recreation or competition, golf helps to improve balance, co-ordination, muscle strength and range of joint movement. Golf, more than any other sport calls for a harmonious union of physical prowess and cognitive ingenuity.


Brisbane The program runs from February to October, with a Cup day held in each of the four seasons, utilising different courses in and around Brisbane. Coaching Clinics are also held every 1 – 2 months throughout the year, at Royal Queensland Golf Club.

Spring Golf Challenge 30 Sept 2007


2007 Spring Golf Challenge Results

2007 Winter Golf Challenge Results

Come and Try Days are held once a year in the Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Capricorn Regions.

State Championships

The Queensland Invitational Multi-Disability Golf Championships are held in October each year under a stroke/handicap system. Able-bodied players can join members in the Canadian Couples competition at this event.

2006 Qld Invitational Golf Championships Results

All golfers with a disability are encouraged to join their local golf club and take advantage of the competitive opportunities available at this level.

National Level Competition

Opportunities exist at a national level for several disability groups including blind/vision impaired and amputee.

International Level Competition

Competition opportunities are available at an international level for different disability groups.

Classes of Players

The Golf program is open to anyone of any age with a physical disability, including vision-impaired, amputees, acquired brain injury, spinal injury or les autres.


All year round.

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