Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods
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Anyone familiar with the Remington 597 from Dick's Sporting Goods?

I was Dick's today…I love Dick's…and they had this exclusive version of the Remington 597 that I don't seem to be able to find any information for online. If I remember correctly it had a green stock, scope mounted on top, and MAYBE a bull barrel. Anyone have or know of this specific model?
I have a Ruger 10/22, I was looking for a Marlin 795, but seeing that Remington 597 with the scope for $180 (maybe $189) got me interested.

Posted by Steven
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Yep – my Dad bought one. I disagree that the other guns are better values. Between my Dad, me and one of my best friends we have the 597, a 10/22 and a CZ512. Both the 512 and the 597 are noticeably more accurate off the bench, even at 25 yards with most ammo. It isn't huge, but noticable. Considering the 512 is 2.5x the cost of a stock 10/22 that's to be expected. But the 597 is a bit less than a 10/22 in many cases. Also, I like the feel of the 597 stock pretty well, and the trigger is better than I would have expected for the price.

I will say this though, the optic isn't more than you would expect. Not terrible by any means, but not the clearest glass and a little difficult to get good clear image. It works though and has held up ok to this point.

Overall, at least the deal my dad got (I want to say less than $150 with a mail in rebate) was more than worth it in my opinion.


Does dick's sporting goods sell the ruger mini 14?

Hard to tell because you cant view guns on the website.

Posted by Chuck G
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I've never seen one at dick's. I've seen accessories for them at dick's, but never the actual gun. Might be different store-to-store though, just call one and see. If they don't carry it, they may be able to order it for you (but you could probably get a better deal ordering it yourself from Bud's and just have it shipped to a nearby shop for a small transfer fee).

Sharpen new Hockey Skates at Dick's or Sports Authority?

Just got a pair of Easton Synergy EQ30. I'm assuming that the blade will be blunted when I get the skates and I will need to get them sharpened.

There are both a Dick's and Sports Authority close by. Do they generally do a good job sharpening skates? Or should I find a Pro Shop to do it? I know there is one around 45min from me but they charge $25 for sharpening, which I hear is way overpriced.

Posted by D
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Neither Dick's nor Sports Authority usually do a great job at sharpening. Most likely it will be a sales associate who doesn't even play hockey and doesn't know what they're doing.

A real pro shop or hockey oriented store should be able to sharpen your skates and do a good job for $5-10 and even $10 is on the very high end. $25 is a complete rip off. Go to and search for hockey stores in your location and see if they do skate sharpening I guarantee it will be more satisfactory than what you might get at Sport's Authority or Dick's.

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