Discount Golf Equipment Closeouts

Discount Golf Equipment Closeouts
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Questions and Answers

Srixon Golf Equipment?

What do you think about Srixon golf equipment? I personally love the golf balls. I don't know if I want the irons. Are the Srixon 1-701 irons good?

Posted by Ben Guy
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I wouldn't turn them down, but i would see how i played with them before deciding weather or not to keep them as my clubs of choice.
All good golf shops have try before you buy irons maybe you should ask to try them to see if you like the feel of the club before buying a set that you might not be able to play with and possibly waste money doing so.
Golf isn't just about the names of the products (yes the bigger names have the technology) it's about personal ability.

How to choose a golf equipment??

Posted by
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Choosing golf equipment has a few factors.
1. What level is your game and how will equipment effect it.
2. What type of course or courses are you going to be playing often (long or short)
3. What type of turf conditions will you be facing the most, important in selecting irons.
Think about those factors and talk with a knowledgeable person about the golf equipment needs. Buying clubs is one of the pleasures of playing golf.

Is it illegal for a school to give away somthing with out telling the owner e.g. Golf clubs?

Posted by zachary
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