eBay Golf Equipment

eBay Golf Equipment
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Complete Golf Sets?

I am looking for a complete golf set. I have only golfed about a dozen times in my life and I found two sets that are really nice, but I'm not sure which to pick. Their both $199.99 and both from I found the Acuity Men's TurboMax RH are pretty nice but then I found the Walter Hagen Varsity Combo. If anybody is familiar with these sets and you recommend one of them then please tell me! Thanks!

Posted by jkaczor010
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My friend I would suggest against both of them. I am a 6 handicap,an instructor and I have also been a golf equipment salesman so I've seen/heard all the company lines. I would honestly recommend for the money you're looking to spend that you go online(Ebay,not to advertise or anything) and look at the Tour Edge Bazooka Jmax. You can still find them brand new for very little over $100 for a complete set of irons and then probably another $100 – $125 for woods and wedges. Then of course finding a putter that YOU really like and that's the most important stick in the sack. Maybe this link will work for you.


There you can find several iron sets of various flex and shaft material. The material affects the weight of the club and the flex determines how much the shaft will bend during the swing. If you like to swing hard then get Steel in either Reg or Stiff flex because in Tour Edge they're identical.

For fairway woods you can start out with the Tour Edge Hyper steel,Lift Off,or any of the Jmax line,they're both good and very affordable.
Nearly any Tour Edge Forged style(non cavity back)wedge of probably 56 degrees will do you fine. Don't worry they make good affordable drivers too,check out the Jmax driver.

As I said before I don't work for Tour Edge but I do know from personal experiance that what I've detailed here will cost you MAYBE $250 for a set that will last you a few years if properly taken care of.

Cheap golf equipment?

What web sites can i goto and find cheep golf equipent.

Posted by Nathan
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You can find some good deals on ebay if you look.

Where can I find cheap golf equipment?

Posted by hessc43
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