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Golf Accessories Catalog
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Can you give me your 2 cents about my estore?

Hello I just had my site revamped and was wondering what you think. I still have a ton of products to add but I wanted some feed back about what you think of the overall layout and function. Let me know what you like and dislike and any suggestions you may have. Thanks!

Posted by Cathy
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Good layout and design.
You have a good variety.
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Going to get a Wii, not sure what I need to get with it……..?

I am going to get one today, but I am not sure what to get with it. My kids are 5 and 7 and my hubs like to play too (and me). Here is my problem, there are so many different options to go along with this thing that I am a little overwhelmed with what I need to buy. Jeff (dad) wants some sports games, preferably baseball and the kids like things like Mario and Diddy Kong Racing.. Things along those lines. Can someone give me some advice on packages or bundles that I can get all in one shot to make everyone happy or am I going to leave Walmart spending $600?

Posted by Araymage
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Hi There! Congratulations on your new Wii! There are several things you might need extra:

1. CONTROLLERS: A second Wii-mote (a controller) for your second child. The easiest way to do this is buy Wii Play, as it comes with a game (Wii Play) and another controller! This is like getting a game with a free controller or vice versa. If everyone will be playing together, try and work out just how many controllers you need. You may also need a Nunchuck, which is an extension controller for the Wii Remote, you may find that a lot of games (such as boxing in Wii Sports) need a Nunchuck in order to work correctly.

2. EXTRAS: If your kids are going to be playing a lot (and I guess Jeff) you have the option of buying a charging station which comes with rechargeable batteries that are easy to pop in and out! This will save you plenty of money in the long run if they plan to play for hours at a time!

3. GAMES: Games are a necessity for a Wii. A lack of games can lead to a lack of interest in the Wii. If your kiddies and husband will be playing, Mario Kart is a great game, that I'm sure Jeff will like too. The Wheel attachments aren't necessary, but they do make the game much easier and fun! For sports games, it all depends on how hard-core he wants to play. For example, there are some sports games that have advanced graphic, but might have things you don't want your children to see. Wii Sports (this comes with your Wii console) has five games wrapped in one, bowling, baseball, tennis, boxing, and golf. Another game that your kids might enjoy is Wii Sports Resort. Which has another large amount of games! Ill leave links at the end!

4. ADVICE: Look for other games that seem interesting. Most of the Wii games are non-violent, however there are some out there that aren't for 5 and 7 year olds eyes. If a game doesn't need an extension, sometimes you'll be able to get the Used version of the game. A great store to look for used games is Gamestop! They sell a variety of new and used games, accessories and more! Members (who have "Edge Cards") get up to 15% of used items from their great store. I don't recommend trading in old games with them however, as they have low trade-in values unless there is a promotion going on.

Here are some links to parts of the Gamestop website. It would be best to read fully over the reviews, because there might be some important bits of information in there!

Wii Console: Http://…
Charging Station: Http://…
Wii-mote: Http://…
Wii Nunchuck: Http://…
Mario Kart: Http://…
Wii Play: Http://…
Wii Sports Resort: Http://…

Can any one please let me know, where i can buy a manual lawn mower in delhi?

Posted by Dev
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Mudhar Allied Traders, New Delhi, New Delhi
Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Lawn mowers that includes wheel type Lawn mowers, golf mater roller type Lawn mowers, roller type Lawn mowers, rotary Lawn mowers and electric roller type power Lawn mowers.

C-126, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase ll,
New Delhi,
Delhi, India, 110 064.
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Excel & Green Machines Private Limited, Ghaziabad
Distributor and exporter of garden Lawn Movers, small Lawn Movers, fully automatic Lawn Movers, petrol Lawn Movers and tractor Lawn Movers. Also sell brush cutter, brush cutter accessories, cutting saws, hedge trimmers.

J-A/4, Patel Nagar-1st,
Uttar Pradesh, India, 201 001.
View Catalog.

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