Golf Accessories for Men

Golf Accessories for Men
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A good set of golf clubs for me?

I'm a 12 year old boy who's 5'0 and is an experienced golfer for 4 years. I would like to buy a new set of clubs that are pretty nice for around 250 dollars. My last set of clubs were cougar cheap clubs but they actually weren't to bad but i definitely outgrew them. I'm looking to buy a new set which is complete. I want them to be nicer then my last ones to up my game for junior tournaments but i don't want them to be 5 star excellent and a lot of money. Should i buy men's or juniors clubs.

Please help.

Posted by Devin O
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I have a great way for you to get a fantastic set of clubs for half of $250. You could use the money to buy all your golf accessories and more rounds. Http:// They have all sorts of clubs for all sorts of people. They are knockoff, but they are brand new and copy the great clubs out there. You won't be able to find brand new 460cc drivers, with everything else for under $250 very easily. In no way am I affiliated with this company. I just found them a few weeks ago when looking for a starter set for my wife. To save even more money, see if they are selling the set you like on eBay. You can usually get them even cheaper! I would probably suggest one of these sets:
But since you are 12 and you'll be hitting your growth spurt real soon, I might suggest men's clubs:

Again, look on eBay for prices far lower than what they sell them for on the website.

The clubs I'm looking at for my wife are $250 on the website but auctioning out for $100 on eBay. And it is sold by the same company so you dont have to worry about scams.

When you get older and you're all done growing and you have grown into your game (around the end of highschool), I would get a non-knockoff set of clubs that fit your game completely. This is EXACTLY how I did it and I'm now a sub-5 handicapper. It works.

Knockoffs seem scary to use, but youre not going to lose any respect. If money is an issue, you're going to get the most bang for your buck.

Whats new fashion for men in summer 2006?

Posted by dr_amrmagdi
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Hi there,
this is what i read recently:

This year promises to be an interesting year in terms of fashion. Besides having a wide variety of influences and schools of thought out there, and with the number of shows focusing on fashion, it will be interesting to see what will happen this year.

General mood is clean, sophisticated fashion which continues from last spring/summer season. Clothing is still clean cut tailored, but less preppy than last year and more subdued and understated. For casual scene, military fashions designs are also in, as well as designs inspired by aristocratic sports like tennis, golf or yachting. Color-wise white and beige dominated the men's spring/summer 2006 catwalks. Material-wise lightweight cotton and linen were stars of the shows.

Men's sportswear for spring/summer 2006 continues to shrink in size, yet maintains comfort. With health being on so many people’s minds, sportswear fashion continues to be a major market. Although the male market probably will never be as limited area-wise as the female market, it is likely that material will continue to shrink. Speedos are becoming more in style on beaches for men, and even in the gym men are showing more as men gain more confidence in their appearance.

Suits are always an interesting subject. Key colors are white and sandy grey. Men's suits seen on catwalks for spring/summer fashion 2006 are still showing great interest in tailoring, with noticed dominance of slim two-button single breasted jackets and double-breasted styles with narrower shoulders, resembling the classic Hollywood and making the current fashions fit more muscular builds. Added are slimmer ties to accompany the classic look. As Hollywood plays with fashion more, it will be interesting to see what effect new movies will have on formal dress in future.

More “dad-friendly” fashions should also start appearing, as more men take a greater interest in raising the kids. More clothes will be stain-resistant, as well as sport brighter colors. Although the fathers may not buy more jewelry, they will buy more carrying bags, which will most likely feature more kidvid stars, as well as better carrying ability.

Accessories are an interesting market that should increase this summer. As guys become more aware that dressing up is more than just the clothes, it should be interesting to see what happens in jewelry, and other accessories. However, jewelry should also increase in popularity, as society lightens up on its use and guys get away with the “bling” look. Leather accessories are also very popular, especially leather bracelets. In sunglasses, it seams there will be no other style to wear this summer but “aviator”, as every designer has made his own version.

In short, fashions in spring/summer 2006 are really in play with their roots. It’s not just the 80s anymore, but also 60s and yet more 50s. With new keyword being individuality, it will be an interesting summer in fashion.

Hope this covers all bases!

What do you get a man that's throwing your bridal shower?

One of my male cousins (he's like 60)is helping to throw my bridal shower, along with a few of my other female cousins… I was thinking about getting the ladies maybe stationary, or a nice scarf or pin… Any ideas on what to get a male for a host gift?

Posted by grvs4104
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That is so cool! Does your cousin collect anything? Have any hobbies? I like the wine idea… Or a nice bottle of his fav liquor. Beer of the month? Does he play golf? There are so many golf accessories and gift ideas with this motif. I'd do something like that.

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