Golf Accessories for the Home

Golf Accessories for the Home
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Best iPod kit for a 2006 VW Golf MK5?

I'm looking a kit that plugs into the bottom of the ipod, and charges it, but still allows ipod control. I've looked about and cant find any decent ones. Any help would be much appreciated! My radio unit is a RCD300 I think if that helps.

Posted by Andy
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This one is the best.
Ematic 11 in 1 Accessory Kit for iPod Touch (2G and 3G)
Technical Details
* USB AC wall charger eliminates the need for a computer when charging your iPod or MP3 player
* Car charger allows you to charge your device while traveling
* 3.5mm cable allows you to connect you iPod or MP3 player to your car stereo or home theater system
* Audio splitter allows two headphones to be connected simultaneously
* Screen Protector ensures that it remains scratch-free


Christmas present for my dad ?

I have no idea what to get him.

Posted by unanimous
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Christmas gift Ideas for Dad :

Classic Vocalists CD Box Sets
Universal Remote Controllers
Action & Adventure Box Sets
Jump Starters, Battery Chargers & Portable Power
Magazines on Golf
High-Def TVs
Books on History
Golf Accessories
Speaker Systems
Magazines on How-to & Home Improvement
Handheld Organizers & PDAs
Magazines on Business & Investment
Magazines on News & Politics
Digital Cameras
Sports Magazines
Hand Exercisers
Books on Hunting & Fishing
Lights & Lanterns for Camping
Audio Books on Sports & Outdoors
Power Inverters
Baby Backpacks & Carriers
Box Set DVDs on Military & War
Power Tool Combo Packs
Gardening Tools
Portable DVD Players

Hope this help.

Is the binocular for golf a common binocular or it is a special accessories for golf?

In a golf shop, I showed a binocular at discount

the price is attractive, I really want to buy it

but I have already a binocular at home

–> is the binocular in the golf stand different from other binocular?

Posted by jackie
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Well, there's really no difference from a golf binocular to a normal binocular unless what you looked at was a rangefinder. Now they're a different story.

Rangefinders are look somewhat like a monocular, and a bit more chunky. What they allow you to do is judge distances by shooting a laser at your target and projecting the range back at you (which you will see in the lens). You would usually point it at the pin (flag) so you can choose the right club for your lie. However you would probably need to know your club averages and unless you're really consistent, its a nifty gadget for finding distances. But if you can consistently hit a certain distance over and over again with the same club then rangefinders become invaluable to a golf player.

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