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Questions and Answers

Where can I find a replacement of this golf glove?I got it from my dad and I seriously cried when I notice it was ruined because my dog decided to chew it up. It’s coach, and was originally 40 dollars, my dad got it from his friend who I think got it for 15 dollars so its not like we payed for it but I really loved that glove and was so excited to play with it, it’s a light blue trimmed with brown, and a women’s left handed glove. I really want to find one maybe online or something to try and get another one, I don’t want to let my dad know it got ruined so I want to get a new one if possible. Can anyone tell me some websites or stores that might have it? Thanks!

Posted by Caroline
[display_name id=”1″]Hi Caroline. Here is a reputable online golf store that has a nice selection of golf gloves(under accessories)===> Http://…

Suggestions for Golf accessories for father?I’m planning to buy something golf related as a gift for my dad. Problem is I have no idea what! Any golf enthusiast got any suggestions as to what he’d love? He really loves playing golf. And yeah, please keep in mind I’ve only got a small budget 🙂 thanks.

Posted by Mia Mandy
[display_name id=”1″]Buy him a ball retriever, a little portable cooler bag to keep his drink, a hat or a golf towel.
Also what could be a cool gift? A moon bag. Good for carrying few clubs for practice.
Look for picture of a moon bag here.
Ping brand is expensive, something like titleist moon bag would be cheaper and just as good.

Accessories for my gas golf cart?I am getting accessories for my gas golf cart. And i was going to put lights and a horn and that. How much more can i put on the cart and still put and have on it and it not lose alot of battery life.

Posted by mc13football
[display_name id=”1″]I don’t really think this question fits within the motorcycle category, but I’ll give it a try for you.

If it’s a gas golf cart, it is obviously not being run by the battery. The battery only starts it. If there is a alternator or generator, you shouldn’t have too many problems because the engine will recharge the battery as you drive- the same way as the battery is recharged on the car by using it. I’ve seen golf carts with battery-powered coolers, headlights, canopy lights, and a horn. The horn won’t any- unless you choose to use it. These were battery-powered golf-carts, and the folks were able to put in their 18 holes and drive all over the housing development all day long.

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