Golf Advice

Golf Advice
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Golf instructions advice…?

This is a two part question. I would like to get some golf lesson(s) specifically on hitting the driver. I can hit the irons and hybrids well enough to enjoy the game, but my driver is so erratic that I usually never hit with it.

How many lessons do you think I would need to take? Most places offer a single lesson or a three session package.

Secondly, where should I go? I like the idea of seeing a video replay at Golf Galaxy. But I don't like the idea of hitting into a net. So should I go to Golf Galaxy for lessons or to a local golf course pro.

Any other advice on selecting instructors is most welcome.

Posted by lovefriction
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Pt 1.. There is nothing in the book that says you HAVE to tee off with your driver. I had problems with mine when I first started and found my 3 wood or my hybrids had more control. I have a 1 hybrid that I hit 200 yards so I teed off with that.

Pt. 2.. I would recommend that you take your lessons from a PGA pro at your local course. Golf Galaxy can do swing checks but it is not a place to take lessons.

Where I live you can take lessons from the pro by the hour or like you said buy a series of lessons (like here it is 4-5) for like 125 bucks. And you get your moneys worth.

Ask around where you play on who is the best instructor or just find one that YOU enjoy.

HELP!!! I need golf advice!?!?

I'm going to be a freshman in high school and was planning on going out for the girls golf team. (A couple problems:) 1. I have no clue on what type of golf clubs to buy?! 2. I've never played before in my life. I want to go out because I need a fall sport to participate in and a couple friends want me to try it.

I want the golf clubs to be cheap but not cheaply made, if you know what I mean?!?!

Any advice will help…Thanks.

Posted by **Basketball Lover**
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Hey im going into golf as a freshmen to thats exciting well anyway all golf clubs are ok just dont get the wrong ones ive only been golfing for a year im like really nervous but ill warm up mine are the to support breast cancer ones so there pink and they are not that bad i like the flexible ones the give you a harder swing have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i wouldnt get any under 65$ srry:)

Golf Scholarship help and advice?

7 handycap freshman in highschool play in ijga and gap tournaments played my first year of highschool golf and made varsity(only freshman) our team won states 3 years in a row. RANDOR GOLF!! Golf averaging a 39(bad season) for 9 holes during this season. Have a 3.5 GPA. Almost a 3.7 this quater. Chances and likely hood of a full ride to division I or II college. Thanks and advice would be great!

Posted by ??
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Congratulation on making Varsity as a Freshman. Golf scholarships are harder to come by than people think. Fortunately, young women scholarships are more widely available and aren't as competitive as the young men. There were 2000 female golf scholarships that went unanswered in 2008. It would be great to get a full ride to a division I college such as ASU, Stanford, UCLA, but the reality is even if you get accepted, the chances of actually competing is a challenge. The nature of golf is that even when you know your good enough, there ae players who are better. However, in a division II colleges, the opportunity to compete in tournaments are much higher because the thought process is everyone want to get into division I college and compete. Also obtaining a full golf scholarship is much more difficult in either divisions. With your GPA and talent for golf should provide you at 50% academic scholarship and 50% golf scholarship.

Hope this helps and the best of luck in your endeavors.

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