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Questions and Answers

Golf swing – Cricket?

Do cricketers have a tendency to slice the ball in golf such as the way i do?

Posted by ballbags2008
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Do you play cricket with a straight bat?

It seems that most of the Australian top cricketers (Batsmen especially) are also really good on the golf course, so getting rid of your slice with a lesson or two may help your batting at cricket.

Australian Handicap America?

I have a Australian Handicap if i move to America would I need to play for a new handicap or would it be the same??

Posted by David H
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David, yes you can convert to the U.S. Golf handicap system. It will take another calculation of 10 game out of 20 to get the result. Australia is more difficult to use compared to the U.S. But I hear the Australian golf association wants to convert their system to the American one to even up the players scores.

Where’s your favourite Australian spot for Christmas holidays?

Posted by nsw105
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i like playing golf~

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Australian golf prodigy

Bell, Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey - Free image - 299396…

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