Golf Equipment For Sale

Golf Equipment For Sale
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Questions and Answers

Golf equipment?

Is Texan golf set any good? Looking at buying the texan 17 pieces classic set for about $250 AUD.

Posted by fai3281
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I did some research and found out that Texan is a knock off brand of Westin clubs . (another cheapo name brand ) . Westins for the most part are lousy clubs and are very difficult to get any distance off of due to the materials and craftsmanship of the clubs , a knock off of them can only be worse. If your a beginner and are looking at buying a discount set your best bet is to hit your local Dicks sporting goods store or a website like or and get you a decent set of clubs at a bargain sale price . For the same price as the westin or texans you can get a set of Dunlop DDHs or a set of Arnold Palmers , Infinitys ext. Still not the best clubs out there but at least they are good clubs for the money made by companies who have been in the business of club making for a while. Hope this helps out.

Where is the cheapest golf equipment found?

I have found some great deals on golf clubs on and I was wondering if you have found any prices lower than the prices on that website.

Posted by Casey
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Garage sales and yard sales. At least you can see what you're buying.

Looking to become a sales rep for one of the golf equipment companies….HOW!!!?

Posted by Fish
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Following your passion is always a good idea when looking for a new career. The way to find a job in the golf equipment industry is to first make a list of suppliers that you would like to work for and look in the business to yellow pages under golfing equipment.

Don't be afraid of contacting the corporate office and ask to speak to the marketing department. Once you are connected ask for a referral to the person or factory rep that handles the distribution in your area.

Using this technique will often give you the exact person who can give you the job. Often times the distribution of golfing supplies is done through independent companies. If so the corporate person can also give you a lead on the right person at the company representing the suppler.

This is much better than looking for a company that is advertising a job opening. Often you will happen into a sales manager who is always on the look out for a good trainee. Often you may be asked to send a resume and will be called before the company places an ad. So you will not have any competition for the opening.

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