Golf Galaxy

Golf Galaxy
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Questions and Answers

What to get at golf galaxy?

I have gift cards and I don't know what to get I don't need irons, driver, wedges, woods. What are some options?

Posted by Michael
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Oakley Flak Jacket Polarized Golf Sun Glasses

Motorized push cart
Extra Light Sun Mountain Stand Bag
Pencil/Sunday bag for PAR 3's, driving range use
Cart Bag w/ all the bells and whistles

Hybrid Clubs

Try a Cleveland Niblick (great scoring club around the green)

Lessons and Clinics through Golf Galaxy

Coleman Golf Cart Heater
Winter Gloves
Rain Wear

Re-grip old clubs

Clothes, balls and shoes.

Training aids (nets, turf, putting surface, swing help, videos, books)

Save it until something you need surfaces.

Anyone taken golf lessons from Golf Galaxy?

I'm thinking of taking lessons there, what'cha think? Worth it? Do they really help your game?

Posted by matt f
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Lessons always help.
Provided the teacher knows the subject of what he teaches.
Usually golf pro's anywhere know thier stuff. The key is if they know how to get that information across to you.
Take a single lesson, see if you like the pro and if it helps you, otherwise go find another pro.

What is the better golf store for gift cards: Golf Galaxy or Golfsmith?

I am going to buy my boyfriend $100 gift card to one, but I have never been in either store….just wondering…what is the difference between the stores?

I don't care about online shopping because I know he will not do that…..but both stores are by his house and I don't know which to choose…I wanted to buy one online.

I know he cannot get much with $100 but hopefully some accessories, clothes, balls, etc..

Which store would be better and what is the differene between the two?


Posted by SM
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I live in Texas and the Golfsmith by me has a bunch of clubs but little on accessories. Golf Galaxy seems to have a better selection of balls, shirts, etc. I am not saying they are all that way but mine is. The staff at Golf Galaxy is always more eager to help as well. Hope that helps.

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