Golf Grip Instruction

Golf Grip Instruction
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Questions and Answers

I think modern golf instruction is a bunch of crap i many ways! Any comments on golf teaching?

Im an expert on the game of golf I want to teach but its a who knows who buisness politcs! Teaching today is way to confusing
the game should be simplified in terms of basic teaching. Todays teachers forget about the number one element in the golf swing your hands without a good grip and ''Proper use of the hands""
You have nothing. The basics of golf are never taught today its all about positons moves and crap thats never really applied in true golf. The truth is this good golfers are relaxed they set their feet
nees and shoulders in unsion aligened together very simple. They
swing back and through the ball its nothing fancy you stay balanced by not worring about wheight shift it happens naturally. You must have relaxed hands relaxed legs swing back and let the club whip through with momentum you finsish on your left foot basics very easy. Teaching today suck and will mess up the golfer more than it will help>

Posted by madisonblly
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I don't know my golf instructor is around 60 years old so I don't know if I'm getting modern instruction or not. I just know it is improving my game.

I think the biggest problem is golfers. People who don't think anything about having a football, baseball, or basketball coach balk at the idea of having a golf coach. Even though the best players in the world all have golf coaches.

Every time I go to the course I see players taking ridiculous swings, using all kinds of special clubs to compensate for easily correctable problems, making poor shot selections and playing miserably. I don't get it. Why don't they sign up for some lessons and stop in and get some coaching just a little every now and then would be good.

I am right handed but grip a golf club with my right hand above my left. Is this correct & how can i fix it?

I think the right term for it is 'kock-handed'. I seem to be slicing the ball a lot and think this may be the reason why. I've tried holding it differently but cannot seem to get used to it, please help.

Posted by batnball_ni
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Dude, that'll never work, unless you're putting, MAYBE chipping. If you're using a righthander's golf club, your main source of power at impact is your right side. Not counting legs, hips, etc., so you're robbing yourself of all your distance. Get to the library and get any instruction book, and you'll see photos on the correct vardon, interlocking, and overlapping grips. Jeez, even a regular baseball grip would be an improvement. Get your grip straight, and you're on your way. Hey, getting the grip right is a pain – we all struggle – but it's also the most important fundamental.

Grip question in golf?

For a righty, if my right hand is more under the club than on top what happens, is it better or worse for distance.

Posted by Matt
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In golf the two hands work together. Ben Hogan in "fundamentals of modern golf" had the best description of the grip I have ever read. Jack Nicklaus in "golf my way" has good information.

Your hands on a club are relative to each other. They are adjusted in tandem. Rather than restate the instructions here, get the books. Or go to They have a lot of free videos on fundamentals as well as other instruction.

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