Golf Head Covers

Golf Head Covers
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Looking for golf head cover…?

I'm trying to find a superman driver cover, but the only one that I see is way overpriced on e-bay. There are plenty of other character covers, but superman seems to be hard to find…. Except in the UK. Anybody have any suggestions??

Posted by DP
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I tried canada. Possibility 19.95 canadian riverside golf centre abbots ford British columbia canada. Forgot telephone number was on cell phone. Knock 18 percent off the price if you live in the united states your dollar is stronger. You can find there number under On website golf or . Com. They have same item. Shipping 4 dollars. With american dollar still strong. Worth effort to purchase in canada. Your higher dollar shipping is free . Happy hunting, hope this helped .


Tell me every detail. I want to be able to understand the sport inside and out. Rules..clubs…everything. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 😀
best answer ill give maximum points. [idk what that is]

Posted by BeeM
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Well… Im gonna take a leap here and put 10 mins of my life here into this answer lol.


golf is a sport where you want to get the ball in the hole in as little strokes as possible. There are different types, lengths, and many other variations of holes. Par 3s, par 4s, par 5s, short holes, long holes, doglegs(left and right turns) and uphill and downhills. The par of a hole is usually determined by the amount of shots a professional golfer would take to get the ball in the hole. A par 3 usually takes 1 shot to get to, and 2 putts (3 shots). A par 4 usually takes 2 shots to get to the green, and is rarely accompanied by a dogleg, then takes 2 putts. A par 5 takes 3 shots to get to, (even 2 sometimes) and is often accompanied by a dogleg, and maybe even 2 doglegs. Once again 2 putts are allowed for a 5.

2 over the par (on a par 4, 6 would be 2 over the par) is a double bogey, 1 over is a bogey, even with the par is called par believe it or not, 1 under the par is a birdie, 2 under the par, realistically can only happen on a par 5 (realistically, unless you can chip in on a par 4 or hole in 1 a par 3) is called an eagle. 3 under the par is ridiculously rare, and occurs when you have 2 shots on a par 5.

The basic layout of a course is a par 70 – 72, with a combination of par 3's 4s and 5s.

Umm what else…. Ok rules.

Hit ball from between teeing areas, play it as it lies, unless you cannot in which case you have to take an unplayable which means you take it back or 2 club lengths away no further to the hole and take a shot penalty. Also, some of the lesser courses with bad fairways allow prefered lies which means you can move it a small amount like 5 cms. Only on fairways though. Ok when your on the green, you are allowed to mark your ball. You must place it back in the same place, but lemme say no put ever got shorter as a result of being marked. People usually take the pin out when putting on the green, becuase hitting the pin whilst putting(or rarely chipping) from on the green results in a penalty.

Ok clubs.

Good starter clubs(irons) are ones with cavity backs, and premier weighted, you can do your own research on this.

Intermediate clubs include ones with thinner top lines and soles, but still cavity backed or premier weighted. Also for the better intermediate players, they can use cavity backed forged irons. Maybe people off 12 or 13.

Better players, tend to use blades, because they are workable, and better players usually hit their irons in the middle anyway, but would be difficult for a beginner to use because they only have a very small sweet spot and anything outside of this would result in a poor shot.

With drivers, they are all suited reasonably well for everyone and are all massive headed 460 cc's. Some are more forgiving than others like the big headed ones and some are more for high trajectory. Once again i will let you do some research on this. There are many variations. Ok what else…. The most important clubs wedges and putters. There is nothing more important that. A top of the line putter is a scotty cameron putter, costing around 500, but there are many other good ones such at taylormade and ping ones. Also there are blades, mallets, 2 ball, 3 ball, big headed, premier weighted, classic style etc. Ill leave you to do some research again :p .


i have a pitching wedge, 54 degree cg14, 58 vokey spin milled and a 64 degree cleveland ta588. Many have 2 wedges, and 4 wedges, some even may have 1 wedge, just the pitching. Pick a good wedge, and stick with it.


this is one of the most desired shots in golf, and if you can pull it off, it is very handy. It isnt that hard actually. You need a decent wedge with good grooves, vokeys being the best for this, and a 3 piece soft covered ball like a pro v1 or a callaway hx tour. Hit it cleanly and you should get the ball to back up.

Ok thats about everything.

Remember when i said 10 mins, well i got a bit carried away and wrote about 30 mins :p but i hope i explained everything clearly.


Where can I get Tiger Woods "TIGGER" golf head covers??

Anyone know where I can get disney Tigger golf club head covers like those Tiger Woods uses???? They seem impossible to find. I don't just want tiger, it has to be disney tigger.

Posted by Laura F
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Tiger Woods does not use a "Disney Tigger" headcover.

I'm not even sure that Disney makes an officially liscensed 'Tigger' headcover…..

However this site has one they call a 'Tigger' cover:


And here's a really nice one, similiar to the one Tiger uses:


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