Golf in Sydney Australia

Golf in Sydney Australia
Sydney, Australia, Sydney Harbour - Free image - 296016
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Questions and Answers

First Date Dilemmas in Sydney Australia?

I haven't been on a date in a while and i'm really keen on making a good first impression for a date that i've got soon. I figured that it would be a good idea to invite her to go see Tales from EarthSea, the new film by Studio Ghibli which would be released for viewing here in sydney in about a week or so. We're both into the same kind of movies so i figured that she might enjoy it. I'm also thinking that perhaps we could have dinner or perhaps coffee before the movie, or perhaps do something afterwards? Could anyone recommend things that we could do to keep things interesting? Or perhaps recommend restaurants, shops or cafes in the newtown/city area? Thanks 🙂

Posted by hugmeshootme
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Get together for some caramels. No really, anyplace that you get to talk and hang out is cool. My girlfriend and i went to the zoo on our first "date" then we played mini golf and rode go-karts. I'm not keen on movies for first dates because you can't really get to know the other person but if you do something before or after where you get a chance to talk then it's cool…

What are enjoyable places in Sydney, Australia?

Hi I'm just wondering where are the best places to go in sydney to have alot of fun and are cheap for concerts/themeparks and what are the prices.

Posted by JMan
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And bronte is a relaxing place——->, clean beautiful beach, grass, bbq, fish and chips, surfing, swimming, heaps of cafes, childrens playground, local!, everyone is really friendly , kiosk, fishing, snorkelling .. SO MUCH MORE!
BONDI—–> bondi is a great place, for a fun day out (it can be a pretty busy though. Beautiful Beach, bbq, childrens playground, grass, historical reserves, aboriginal engravings (north bondi,golf course) SHOPPINNNG!!!, the best restraunts, fishing, free toddlers/baby pool, rock pool, swimming, private pool (costs money), so so so much more.

Is any TV network covering the U.S. PGA golf? And what time is it on (eastern standard time, sydney australia)?

Is any TV network covering the U.S. PGA golf? And what time is it on (eastern standard time, sydney australia)? Thanks.

Posted by soulgaurd
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All golf apart from the odd occasion is on fox tel fox sports every week.

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