Golf Instruction for Seniors

Golf Instruction for Seniors
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Questions and Answers

How can I get a golf scholarship at a good school?

My handicap is 20, but im only in grade ten. I know I can bring my handicap down a bunch because I play nearly every day in the summer. What should my handicap be? How can I apply? Where should I apply and are there any golf schools i could go to over the winter? Thank you very much for answers!

Posted by Firstnme L
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Well if you want to get a golf scholarship at a good school. First you should be playing for your high school team, and then be playing competitve tournaments. Then the best way you can get a scholarship is to attend the IJGA, the International Junior Golf Academy, where Hank Haney, Tiger's coach is the head instructor. Students that go to the IJGA, are all aspiring golfers who want to get a schoalarship, play college golf, and hopefully become pro from all around the world. Students attend the IJGA, for a full semester or school year, so you can try to apply there next semester, or next year for your junior year, or for your senior year. It's a full academy with academics, where you can finish your high school there, and you live in house dorms with other students as roomates, and house parents. In the academy, you work and improve your game by getting coached by Hank Haney and his instructors. Then you play competitve tournaments in the IJGT, the International Junior Golf Tour with other students, and from there, colleges see you for recruiting and scholarships. Not everyone that goes to the IJGA, gets scholarshops, so if you don't, you can stay there for their post graduate program, which is the same thing, and it will give you a chance to transfer out, and play college golf. There was a show in the Golf Channel called School of Golf: Hilton Head Island starring Hank Haney which shows lives of students in the IJGA. I recommend watching videos from this show before considering going to the IJGA, since this show is not in season, it's not on TV currently. If you consider going to the IJGA, you also need the will, since you will be away from home for a school year or semester, and most importantly, the money. It's really expensive going to the IJGA, it's around $40,000 for tuition, for a full school year, just for the golf, then another $10,000 for academics, it's really expensive. If you can't afford it, you can still probaly afford their summer, weekend, and holiday programs, where you go there like for a week for their summer, and holiday programs, and a weekend, for their weekend programs, and you get the same instruction, and experience as the full time students, but don't work with you for scholarships, and they run around $1,500 for each class. They have two campuses, they have a campus in Hilton Head, SC, and one in Arroyo Grande, CA in the central coast of California, south of San Luis Obispo, so if you want to go, choose the one you want to go to, or the one closest. If you have the money, and the will, you should consider going to the IJGA, you shouldn't miss out on this opportunity, if you want to get a scholarship, it's the best way, and you will have a better chance in getting one if you go to the IJGA, then if you don't. Also for what scores you have to shoot to get in the IJGA, you at least have to shoot in the 90s I think, and they will work with you so you can break 80 competitvely, because that's the main score to get competively, and colleges want you to break 70 at one point. For more information about the IJGA, and the show School of Golf: Hilton Head Island, the websites are below in the sources.

If i can shoot in the 70's by time i am a senior in high school where do i have a chance of going to college?

I shoot in the 80's as a freshman right now and i want to get a golf scholarship. I am goin to work really hard in high school to improve my game.
My gpa is a 3.5 right now and i take honors classes.

Posted by Jim K
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Sure you do!
How do you do academically? Everyone talks about scores. No one ever talks about academics.

Great grades Jim.
If you're shooting in the 80's as a freshman you should easily be shooting in the 70's as a senior. The key is shooting consistently in the low 70's with some rounds in the high 60's. An important step for you now would be seek professional instruction and establish the proper basics of the golf swing and then work from that point. I always stress working relentlessly on the chipping and putting part of the game. I realize it's not the most fun or the most glamorous part of the game when compared to banging out those big tee balls but you won't get to the low 70's without it. Hopefully you can find an instructor that is easy for you to work with and can prepare you for some junior tournaments. Being tournament-tested is a must for college scholarships. Email your name to me so I can possibly follow you in Junior Golf Tournaments.

If I have a 2 handicapp going into Senior year, do I have a chance at playing DI or DII golf?

I usually shoot 74, 75 at my homecourse (Olympic Club Lake Course) and usually par or 1 over at Harding Park in San Francisco. Do you think I would make a D1 or D2 team?….what should I do?
I have a 2.1 handicap, and have around a 3.6 weighted GPA, but I go to small, academically difficult college prep.

Posted by thehistoryman
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I suggest you pick your college based on your academic and career interests/goals. While you are a very good golfer, at this point, it should probably be viewed as an extracurricular activity. When you have a few good schools picked, visit each of them if possible. While there, talk to the golf coach as part of your overall review of the school. You are good enough to walk on at many DI and DII schools and have a respectable shot at making the team. During your senior year and in the subsequent summer, try to play in several tournaments and get some high quality instruction to sharpen your weakest parts of your game. Good luck.

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