Golf Setup

Golf Setup
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Questions and Answers

Is this a good golf club setup?

In my golf bag, I have a driver, hybrid 4, irons 5-9, gap, sand, pitching wedge, and putter. Do you think there is too much gap between my driver and hybrid? I don't hit fairway woods that well… What do you suggest?

Posted by Buzzy
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I am not great with fairway woods either, I can typically hit an iron straighter and sometimes farther than I would hit a 3 wood off of the fairway. It's all about your comfort and how well you play with that arrangement. If you go back on a round and think "wow I could have done a lot better with a 5 wood…" Replace a club with it and see if you do better. Remember you are only allowed 14 clubs in your bag at a time. Good luck! 🙂

Angled right foot in golf setup?

Angled right foot has enabled a fuller shoulder turn, leading to much greater power and yardage, however the right foot angle makes it difficult to drive right knee to a full follow-through. Any suggestions.

Posted by Gene C
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Angling it out some for less flexible people can allow the hips to support a fuller backswing. But too much could make it difficult to use your feet properly… To push off you wouldn't have much of the side of your foot, you'd have only your right big toe for leverage which might be causing the problem you describe.

If you look at the position of the left foot in the 1st link below, i think it's a good position your RIGHT foot should flare out that much – not more than that though. So moving that square RIGHT foot into the same angle position out as the left would be enough.

I've found that actively driving off the right foot can produce problems with the swing being in sync (spinning hips out too fast) or for some people it causes a problem with your right hip jutting out toward the target line blocking the arms from freely releasing through the ball. Think about it… If you push off your right foot you'll end up pushing off of your toes. If you raise up on the toes of your right foot your hip moves toward the target line. If you look at video of ALL PGA TOUR PLAYERS you'll notice that through out the swing either the right cheek or left cheek of their butt is on an imaginary wall behind them. If their hips or weight moves forward in the swing they will hit inconsistent shots.

Alternative to pushing off: If you focus Jack Nicklaus's foot work or any pro that keeps their right foot close to the ground you'll notice that instead of driving off of it they are rolling to the instep 1st to support the right leg then pushing off into the left.

2nd link… The notes next to the black and white photo and then the color photo below, look at Jacks right foot. Read the article about footwork …

Is this golf setup good for a beginner?

I just got a few clubs not many and I'm a beginner is this enough or do I need more I have a McGregor 4, 6, and 9 iron, Ping Driver, Lynx 15 Wood and a putter that's it what else do I need if I need any more remember I'm only a beginner thanks.

Posted by Cameron Hodge
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Get a hybrid to replace like your 3 iron, but do try to get a full iron set though, and also get a wedge like a sand wedge, since you are a beginner, you should get a wedge that is from an iron set, not the forged ones so they are easier to hit, and you need some accessories if you don't like a bag, tees, balls, glove, and golf shoes. Other than that, you have a good brand set for a beginner, but do try to get a full iron set 4 iron-pitching wedge though.

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