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Job at 14? In portsmouth?

I 14 now(since july) in year 10. Looking for for a few jobs to do. I do a paper round, for about a year now. Im not look for jobs like in a hairdressers or something, more like babysitting or house sitting or walking dogs of something small? And i would like them to be around waterlooville, cowplain, portsmouth, cosham and/or fareham

Posted by Molly
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Teaching a teen the valuable lessons of money earned, spent and saved can save you money as a parent, and breed good earning and spending habits in their future. 14 year olds who want to step into the work force can find an abundance of resources for the best jobs in various publications by reputable online finance magazines and children's websites.

Best-Paying Teen jobs
Well-known business, money and personal finance publication, Forbes, reports that the typical salary among the top 10 teen summer jobs in 2010 is $4.42 per hour over the federal minimum wage. In the article titled "The Best-Paying Summer Jobs" author Christina Settimi outlines the most profitable summer jobs for teens age 13 through 18 and includes interviews and statistics from former teen workers who made considerable profits at the age of 14. One source reports earning an average of $12.50 per hour as a babysitter — plus tips. Forbes' top recommendation for 13 through 17 year olds is becoming a caddy for a golf course which reportedly pays up to $16.67 per hour.

Most Enjoyable Jobs For Teens
The Christian Personal Finance website has several articles for enterprising teens wishing to join the working force. In the segment "10 Fun Summer Job Ideas for Teenagers" of a 2010 teen employment article, the website suggests a diverse list of jobs appropriate for teens age 13 through 17. The top three on the list were baseball/softball league umpire, movie theater employee and pool maintenance person. Other occupations favored by teens in the 13 to 17 age range included lifeguard, camp counselor, car-washer and detailer, retail salesperson and tutor.

Online Jobs For Kids
Millionaire Kids is a children's website devoted to teaching kids about finance, the value of money, working and foreign currency, and is also a guide to jobs and money-making opportunities for teens. The site lists nine of their best at-home money-making opportunities for adolescents. Choices included opening online pet supply stores for kids who love animals, taking online surveys for up to $75 each, and creating blogs and online newsletters for paid subscribers.

Kid's Home Businesses
Bradley CVs offers information and resources for 14 year olds — and their parents — searching for the best teen job opportunities. The career development website narrows down dozens of teen-appropriate jobs into several categories; one category is kids' home businesses. Some of the top self-employment jobs recommended for 14 year olds included babysitting, dog walking or pet-sitting services and lawn-mowing businesses.

Gaming And Digital Art Jobs
The Ez-On-Web directory offers a large variety of teen employment opportunities, ideas and resources in the article, "Best Instant Jobs For 14 Year Olds." The article lists several descriptions and bits of potential income information for suggested online work opportunities suitable for 14 year olds. Two of the top eight teen jobs in the listing include testing video games and selling digital photos. According to the article, 14-year-old children are eligible to earn up to $50 to $100 per hour playing new games and completing surveys about them. They also have the option to earn a residual or daily cash income for taking photographs and selling them to photo-stock websites.

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Drugs, Depression, Is there something in my head that doesn't belong there?

I had some traumatic family events happen in my life when I was a bit younger. I started smoking a lot of weed, popping a litte X, and some magic mushrooms. I know this was a bad decision, so please don't comment on that, I've already stopped all that.

I'm not sane. Well I am, but I have my moments. Inappropriate, inhuman images and concepts will randomly pop in to my head. And when I try to concentrate on something, I feel like theres something physically stopping me, lke a hand gripping my brain really tight. Usually I grab my head because the pressure feels good, and I moan and get depressed. I'm depressed all the time from my political and personal viewpoints. I think I should get some scans of my brain done, but I don't have health insurance right now. Does anyone have an idea what I'm feeling?

Posted by The King in Yellow
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Below are some tips on overcoming depression. Believe me it works.

Make yourself busy. We all need to feel like we're involved in something significant. We need to participate in something outside ourselves. You might consider volunteering at a local women's shelter or food pantry. That will elevate your mood as well as your self esteem.

Exercise is good for us, but physical contact is equally important. Exercise affects brain chemicals, and the healing touch of physical closeness does too. If you're depressed, hug somebody – anybody, everybody! A hug is good medicine. It reduces stress and tension and it boosts your immunity to illness. Hugs raise self esteem and lower blood pressure. They feel good and make people happy. And they're free! Hugs are the universal language that communicates love and acceptance. They're healthy for the "hugger" as well as the "hugee."

Take up a sporting activity like walking, cycling, tennis, golf, water sports, riding, gliding, sailing, football, badminton. Something with a personal achievement goal. Spectator sports do not count and have little value for the purpose of defeating depression. Like alcohol (with which they are often associated) and television, they are simply ephemeral distractions. Depression cannot exist when the adrenaline is surging. Try bungee jumping.

Avoid substances that are unknown to cause mood swings or depressionlike alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and high sugar foods.

Learn to laugh. It really will make you feel better. Visit a local joke shop or toy shop. Buy books and magazines that you find entertaining and amusing rather than just educational. Hire a funny video and invite one or two friends round to enjoy it with you.

Build up your self-confidence. People who suffer from depression often lack self-assurance. Write an advertisement for yourself listing all your good qualities. Carry your advert with you and look at it whenever you’re feeling down.

Have a pet. The pet, however, be it a parrot, a cat, a mouse or a dog do not have this problem. They love their ‘master’ unconditionally and this is fully reflected through their behavior. It is much easier overcoming depression and making your way back to normalcy when you are faced with the exceptional love of a pet (or more). It was observed that people whom pets were given want to become better, want to become useful, want to love back and hence slowly escape the clutches of depression and return to their old selfs.

Talk to someone about it. A problem shared is a problem halved. Have you ever felt better by getting something off your chest? Of course you have. Did talking about a problem in the past help to put it into perspective and perhaps make it easier to deal with. I would guess you have probably been there too. Depression is no different. Find someone you can trust and get talking about it. Friends, family, your doctor, support groups both online and off….You might even find that someone comes up with an idea you have never thought of which just might work for you.

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