Melbourne Australia Golf

Melbourne Australia Golf
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Anyone know a good golf coach in Melbourne, Australia?

I am looking for a good golf coach in Melbourne. Can anyone help?

Posted by Marc
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Mr. G is a pretty good teacher there. Jonah Takulua is one of his better students. He could be a really good golfer, but he has some maturity issues.

Do you have any cheap honeymoon suggestions?… From Melbourne, Australia to… ???

We are looking to spend about AUD$5000 but don't want a bargain basement honeymoon. Anything with historical/ archaeological/ natural wonder feel would be GREAT!

Thanks! I can't wait to hear any suggestions you might have!

Posted by Bella
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I would have to suggest one of my favourite place called Queenstown in the south island of New Zealand. It's affordable as you can fly direct from Melbourne-Sydney- Queenstown or for honeymoon experience I'd suggest fly Melbourne- Christchurch then drive from Christchurch to Queenstown.

To give you an idea, Queenstown is the place where they filmed Lord Of the Rings. It's an outdoor playground meaning lots of things to do (activities and relaxing) and lots of romantic places which you can treasure for life :-). It's a combination of Iceland natural wonders, switzerland alps and UK Lake District (the home of Beatrix Potter) and it's a fraction of the price, lovely people, good food and close to Melbourne (therefore won't break your flights budget).

If Shania Twain and Peter Jackson bought a land and house there, it sure tells a lot about the place. Other than that, it's so underrated.

I spent doing almost everything that I suggested to you under $2800 all during winter and ski season in August :-). I shared a nice penthouse apartment with fireplace (had my own room) wiht my mates within 2 minutes walk of Queenstown city and a view of the mountain :).

Since then I've been there twice :-).

The second time I stayed at the Heritage hotel in Queenstown (it's about 5 minutes by taxi ride or 15-20 mins leisurely walk to the main city area). The hotel's lovely, it has fireplace and my room has a bathtub with a few of the lake and the mountain :). It's an open bathtub like outdoorish.

My suggestion:
1. Fly from Melbourne to Christchurch. Hire a car and drive from Christchurch to Queenstown. Here you'll get the picturesque view of New Zealand south island as well as passing the beautiful Mount Cook where you should take a break and enjoy the beautiful tranquil scenery around the mountain. The view's amazing.

2. Drive into Queenstown – I stayed at this apartment called 'The Glebe'. Walk everywhere to the major eateries in the city (2 mins walking distance). You get lovely few of the moutnains and twinkling lights of the cable car.

You can bring back Manuka Honey as souvenir and a reminder of your 'Honeymoon' hehe..

Some activities you can do in Queenstown (pick the one that interests you):
– If you're a keen skiier which I did, I went skiing for 5 days but spend 14 days in Queenstown, you can ski to one of their 4 mountains within 30 mins to 1.5 hrs drive from the Queenstown (even with the ski hire and chairlift tickets, it's still cheaper than a weekend ski trip to Mt Hotham or Buller).

– Take a cable car up the mountain top of Queenstown (you can walk for 5 minutes from the apartment) enjoy the scenery on top, have lunch up there and take a luge ride (it's fun).

– Walk around the town itself, especially at night after dinner and go to the many cute bars :-). Make sure you visit my favourite Pizza place complete with wood fireplace, so romantic and down to earth (it's called The Cows) – again walking distance.

– Do bungy jumping (20 minutes drive)

– Do paragliding (the same place where you take the cable car)

– Visit one of the wineries which has the best pinot noir (world's best pinot noir in 2004 i think) called the Gibston Valley winery. You can experience a tour of wine tasting inside the cave as well 🙂

– Join a 4WD tour to visit the mining town of Arrowroots as well as they'll take you to drive around the cliffs, hills and rivers. You get a chance to pan some gold leaves in one of their rivers (I brought back tiny but visible gold leaves as a reminder of my lovely trip).

– Play golf

– Walk around the beautiful lake (it's a massive lake) witih the view of the mountain 🙂

– Take a cruise (Earnslaw steam river cruise) – have a glass of sparkling or wine.


– THIS IS A MUST (Since it's very romantic and beautiful) – take a day out to fly in a small place from Queenstown in a small place to Milford Sound. It's one of the most beautiful place I've ever seen and best to share with loved one :-). No one lives in Milford Sound, it's just one of the beautiful place. You can have lunch there and walk around the beautiful area and then fly back to queenstown. SOOOOO niceee…..If you have to splurge or spend money, this is definetely worth spending 🙂 This will be a fond memory of your honeymoon.


– Join Lord of the Rings tour – they'll drive you to places where they film Lord Of The Rings. This is not just one of those movie sets tour, even if you've never watched Lord Of the Rings, the places that they take you are VERY beautiful and picturesque!

– Ride the Shotover Jetboat in Shotover River. You'll get the experience a fast jetboating with 360 degrees turn and within inches to rocks (no elbows, im serious about them getting soooo close to the rocks hehe…). It certainly will pump your blood but it's a fun thing and must thing to do (lots of celebrities done it as you can see from photos of them in the site).

– White water rafting – I've never done white water rafting nor like any sports or extreme activities and the time I did it it's rated 5 (the highest and most difficult) but I survived and enjoyed doing it and wanted to do it again. The night before was raining therefore the river stream's running really fast and the river's full. We had to be flown by helicopter to get to the starting point of rafting. It's fun because at the end you get to float in the river.

It's also nice to stroll the city, go to movies, have dinner then drinks, spend time talking or watch DVD in front of your hotel/apartment's fireplace.

Queenstown is sooo romantic and a fun place. The view is soo pictureque anything you'd want to imagine seen on postcards and all can be seen starting from your hotel windows :-). Food and the people are nice and You feel that there aren't much tourists unlike in Europe where you elbow each other. It's perfect for honeymooon.

Good luck and hope you choose to go to Queenstown and get to experience the most underrated place in the world 🙂

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