Personalized Golf Accessories

Personalized Golf Accessories
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Questions and Answers

What to get my bf for Christmas?

He's really sporty, we really love each other too so I want it to be something really special but we are only teenagers so nothing too expensive please! Thanks x.

Posted by A Girl
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Go to sports direct, take a look around. What sport is he into? Golf accessories, new football, personalized t-shirts, team supportive items… Etc.

What should I get my boyfriend (who has everything he wants) for Christmas?

My boyfriend has plenty of money to buy anything he wants whenever he wants it so he doesnt even know what to ask for, for Christmas. He has a ton of xbox games and buys them usually as soon as they come out. He is picky with his clothes and has plenty of them. He has every electronic you can think of. He has a ton of fishing and golf stuff. Also he has millions of tools. He catn even think of anything he really cares to get. HELP!

Posted by Meggan Moffett
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Get him something personalised! Personalised items are great. Or get him things to do with what he likes, for example, if he like Apple, then get him accessories for his Apple products.
If he likes xBox, then get him a limited edition controller, like the Halo ones.
Anything that proves you really know him would be great!

Help with fathers day?!!?

My dad is 51 and loves
s playing golf and cricket. Can you suggest anything I could get him? I was thinking about getting him some personalised golf balls but I don't know what I put on them 🙁 please help!!

Also I'm not exactly the richest of kids so don't suggest buying him a club or a bag or something expensive like that 🙂 thanks in advamce.

Posted by Will Thompson
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Golf accessories are really expensive, especially golf balls. Get him new golf club covers,you could get those personalized with stitching for cheap.

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