PGA Golf Tips

PGA Golf Tips
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Questions and Answers

Beginner golf tips?

Ok a friend of my finally bought a XBOX 360. Deal is I would get into golf. Im 36 years old, and know nothing about hitting a golf ball. I know the score system that is all. I went to a golf course many years ago and was thrown off at the first hole. I was a teenager and thought golf was easy. Guess my first question would be; What kind of clubs should I get? How do you know if the set is right for you? Is there a measurment you go by? How do you get the ball to go where you want it to? I have plenty of time, because the is 18" of snow on the ground here. So its not like I can start now. Any tips will be appreciated.

Posted by JAP
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Clubs….Golf Digest Dot com cataorizes all of the new iron sets into three groups. Max Game Improvement, Game Improvement and Players. Look at the shape of the head. YOu will notice the Cavity Backed vs Blades. CB's offer you a much more forgiving club allowing for off center hits to still be somewhat sucessfull but limit you on being able to "work" a ball left to right or visaversa..I am only assuming budget is a factor. You could spend in upwards of $1200 on a set. I would go to EBAY and find a used set of PING EYE2's irons….assume clubs to learn with and will be a contender for years. I think there is a PGA pro that still plays these irons. You will need an idea of what Lie Angle you are going to require. PING has there own unique colored dot system…Blue dot being Standard (I think)…OR biuild a list of posibles based upon ability and budget and go to your local gold store and hit them all several times..typ. The "right" set will speak to you…which begins you building your confidence in your equipment…Then go to your local Golf Course and take a lesson from a PGA teaching Pro….I think the local guy here charges $60.00 per hour and in that one hour he will give you a good start on how to swing a club…then hit hit hit hit hit hit hit.

How play golf and rules?

Posted by anglez
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Go to it's a web site set up for beginner golfers by the PGA, USGA, LPGA, and golf 20/20. You find information on term, tips, and more. You can also sign up for a free golf lesson from a local PGA pro.

You can also find some good tips at improve your game section s

My wages at the golf course?

I work at the golf course, and i make $5 an hour plus tips. Every day except monday I make tips. Therefore, by law, doesnt the course have to pay me minimum wage ( I live in illinois so i think its 8.50) on monday? If so please provide an answer to why. Thanks so much!

Posted by teedub
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I think you have transfer to a new golf course that offers fair minimum wage. Golf courses that offer fair wages can be found in San Diego. San Diego Golf Courses is also popular in terms of the PGA tour.

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Mk7 Golf GTI Australia (B roll)

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