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PGA of Australia
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Canadians in PGA q-school…?

I read up on the q-school and found out that you need a USGA handicap to get on it. What would canadian players do to get into the q-school since most canadians would have an RCGA handicap.

Posted by hstrhfgds
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Send over their playing history and RCGA handicap (the formula and methodology are the same) index.

I have an RCGA handicap (low single digits) and play in events in the US all the time (including the Myrtle Beach WorldAm). As long as there's a score history that can be documented, you're fine. That, and a letter from my home pro, and I've yet to have one iota of problems.

Golfers from Australia/NZ, Asia, and Europe would be similiarly looked after.

I can't find tiger woods pga tour demo ps3?

I can't find tiger woods pga tour demo for ps3 on the play station store help :). Im in Australia.

Posted by gonzo
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It's there in the first line of "Newest Demos". I just downloaded it yesterday.

Is the PGA tour year round or what? Where else can you play pro games besides the pga tour?

Is there such thing as a PGA season?
You know how the NBA and NFL have seasons does the pga have tours?

Posted by random00
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[NOTE: Because you mentioned the PGA Tour only, my answer relates specificaly to it and not females and seniors.]

This year's full PGA Tour schedule (linked below) runs January 8 through November 15. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of tours around the world where professional golfers can tee it up. It is not unusual for some of the best golfers in the Far East, for example, to play in events on the PGA Tour, European Tour, Asian Tour and Japan Golf Tour in a matter of weeks. Other opps in Australia and South Africa offer considerable prize money during the U.S. Winter (and PGA Tour offseason).

And there is a plethora of developmental tours all over the world – Nationwide Tour (U.S.), Challenge Tour (Europe), Von Nida Tour (Australia), Tour de las Americas (Central/South America).

Beyond that, several minor tours offer other opportunities in North America, such as the Canadian Tour, Hooters Tour and Tarheel Tour. Many countries worldwide also offer small tours during their summers.

ADDED – 8:46pm CT … JD is spot on about the state opens and other individual tourneys where pros (and amateurs) compete. Moreover, there is a distinction between touring pros and non-touring pros, to the point that each has their different worlds that have similarities but seldom cross. Achieving any kind of exempt status anywhere is the first goal for touring pros, but the mini tours, state opens and PGA sectional events are options for ALL pros to hone their games. (That said, there are qualifiers and other restrictions that can prevent just anyone from teeing it up just anywhere.)

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