Unique Golf Accessories

Unique Golf Accessories
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Gift help for the boyfriend plz !?

So my boyfriend's birthday is coming up soon & I'm having a bit of trouble knowing what to buy him!
The thing is we've been together for 2 months only & I had to come back for college for another year which is all the way in Europe while he's in the US. SO whatever I get him has to be bought online!

Hints are:

He's turning 28, He loves sports, specially Football & his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. He's a supervisor at a hospital so he always dresses up formally. He likes comics specially Batman. He's also into working out so I don't know if that helps!

Thanx in advance 🙂

Posted by araceli
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Get him something that is lightweight but still unique to the UK that wouldn't be to expensive to send in the mail. Could be some pictures of places there that are special to you, could be a sweater for his times off work, or it could be something simple like a 2014 calendar. Whatever you get, you could make some little origami & send those along, too, along with some some photographs of you or of the two of you.

If he also plays golf, then get him some golf accessories. If he wears dress shirts when he's off work, too, then get him a colored dress shirt & a matching tie. Otherwise he might want something casual for his time off, such as a long-sleeved polo shirt or one with a collar that's still knit & easy to launder.

Best selling paperback novels are also good if you know what type of books he likes & what he has & hasn't read.

Need advice on rainy day clothing and accessories!?

So, i am going to college in the fall. And what i have heard from other college students is to make sure you have a nice pair of boots, a good rain coat, and an umbrella.

I have boots (ll bean wellies, the suede and rubber ones with wellies liners and over the knee socks) and an absolutely gorgeous raincoat (it's baby pink, trench coat style and i love it, plus i got it on sale, so double bonus). I just need an umbrella now. I would prefer something that would match my boots and raincoat, and i would really rather not have some kind of print that makes me look like a 12 year old (so no kittens, puppies, etc.) i really love the look of burberry umbrellas, but i'm not willing to spend that much on an umbrella just yet in my life. I also love the curved handles, the ones that almost look like a sheppard's staff, but that really isn't necessary.

My cousin says i need a golf umbrella. If i did that, i would just get a plain black one with the double canapy thing, or take my mom's monster energy kawasaki one, which i use more than she does anyway. But i would like something a little more cute and classic looking.

Does anybody know any websites or stores that sell cute, high quality umbrellas for no more than $75 that have a classic feel to them? I would appreciate links or even just recommendations.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by plazndrt

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Moonah Links Golf Course, Australia

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