Used Golf Equipment

Used Golf Equipment
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Need Golf equipment advise?

I am a very amateur golfer, i just started. My dad asked me if i wanted to go play a round with him and his buddies and i said sure ill try it. Turns out i had a pretty good time and would like to get started. Ive been practicing as often as i can but i feel as if i need some help. I plan on taking lessons but i wanted to ask what clubs are good for a person of my status. Currently i am using my dads old set, and let me tell you it is quite old. I am certain the equipment has evolved and i was looking to spend a bit of money to buy some decent clubs for a beginner. Any suggestions? Also are there things i should consider when buy new clubs? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by Rushi
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Good for you Golf is a great game. You should be Whoppin' up on your dad in no time !
GOlf digest does a good job catagorizing new equipment. For irons they seperate them into three groups..Max improvement, Game Improvement and Players….You should probably be studying the Max Game Improvement list. These are the easiest and most forgiving. You should stay with the Cavity Backed or some call them Perimeter Weighted irons as oppose to "blades"…This all has to do with how the weight of the head is distributed…blades are farely consistant and therefore have the smallest of "sweet spot" to hit….Cavity Backed have the weight distributed about the perimeter therefore having a much bigger sweet spot making them more forgiving with missed shots. They are, however, much harder to "work" a ball. I think one of the very best sets of clubs a beginner can get his hands on is a used set of PING EYE2's…Very easy club to hit..Find them on EBAY.
Build a list of possible candidates based upon ability and $$…then go to your shop and hit them all…You may even seek out the advice of a teaching pro or a pro fitter….If you spen the time and hit them all, the right set will talk to you. This starts a very important process to build in your head…Confidence in YOUR equipment, hence is why only YOU can really decided what is right for YOU…..Maybe if your Dad's old set is that of a perimeter weighted irons, you may think about having those clubs re-gripped, and bent to you by a fitter….and continue to learn with those. Then when you start to develope a swing and are building knowlede about the game you will then have a better idea of what kind of new stuff you need…Then spend your $$$$ on lesson from a PGA Teachig Pro…..and hit hit hit hit hit hti…….GOOD LUCK !


Hey! Im getting into golf, and i need to learn like EVERYTHING there is i mean EVERYTHING* players, equipment, what things mean….EVERYTHING, like who are some good players? And what kinda equipment, and like what is aFW, Driver, Hyprid, like all that stuff please please help!:( and like what they are used for and everything i need to learn everything please write alot and i will choose u as best answer and give u 10 stars* please?:(

Posted by Kallie
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Alright lets do this

Bag/ pullcart/cart: bag is where the clubs go, pullcart is a manual pulling device to pull the bag, cart is motorized pulling the cart (youve seen one before)

CLUBS: most important part of golf. Make sure you keep them clean and dont abuse them. All clubs are assembled in an order of the farthest hitters to the lowest hitters(how far they averagely hit); the numbers are under the area where you hit them( DO NOT look at the degrees) 1-9, wedge, sand wedge, putter. 1-4 are drivers, 4-9 are irons wedege, sand wedge and putter are specialties

Woods(drivers): the longest clubs with big heads Http://…
only use these clubs when hitting long distances , 175+ yards

Irons: looks like a handle with a slab of metal at the end Http://…
these are used 90% of the time. Use them anywhere off the green(big area of low cut grass where the flag is) from 5-175yards. These are the most important to learn how to use.

Hybrids:a mix between irons and drivers (140-180yards) Http://…
they are averagely good in medium size courses or the long holes on small courses

Wedges: very slanted iron looking clubs for hitting the ball high up to land more vertically on the green Http://… these clubs are also used for getting out of teh sand traps( holes in the ground with sand) these are the least important to learn how to use/ only use when your good at the other clubs

Putters: used for hitting balls after they get to the green, or if they are in low cut grass around the very low cut graas green(use common sense when using) Http://… these are 2nd most important to leanr to use

LEARNING: ugh this is gona take a while to write…… Make sure you have tees, balls and clubs when you first start , it is a good idea to get a glove for the hand opposite of what yur writing hand is( it tends to get blisters in the beginning). Start out by going to a range, or going to a golf course and asking if they offer lesson (they really help if you are going to be devoted). You will learn this better with lesson at the golf course but whatever: on the teebox( box at the start of the golf course) the should be markers in the ground like cubes or sticks that are colored: red is for women, blue is for men and white is for pros. Since your beginning, best to start at womens. You put your ball on the tee and set it in between the sticks. Take a few practice swings (DONT TAKE GRASS FROM THE TEEBOX in the swings) try to just skim the grass. Dont tee yur ball up too high or low =!/2 inch up. I cant really teach you the swing or hand grip online, so watch videos, the gold channel, golf books on swings and look for lessons. Try to hit the ball as straight as possible to the hole. DONT FOCUS ON HOW HARD YOU HIT THE BALL, BUT HOW CENTERED THE HIT IS. Always keep your eye on where the ball is teed until the shoulder of yur writing hand hits your chin. When you get on the green, try and put the ball in a 3 foot circle around the hole, then try to hit it in. Always try to get the ball in the hole in 2 or less shots once on the green.

RULES:always play fast, keep moving, dont drive carts or pull carts over the green, dont take the bag with clubs on the green, make sure you put the flag back if you take it out, let othrs pass if they are going alot faster than you, dont step on or in front(only on green) of someone elses ball. Obvious courtesy, dont ruin greens, replace ony holes that your ball might have made when it hit the green, you can take balls or tees that you find, but if you take a ball MAKE SURE IT IS NO ONE AROUND YURSELFS BALL. You can leave broken tees on the teebox, if yur ball goes in the sand trap than take very few steps in, your only allowed one shot in the sandtrap( in comparison to the regular fairway where you can take alot of practice swings), rake the sand when yur done, put the rake where others wont get hurt/interrupt their play. Thats all i can think of right now. Read the basic course rules they offer before you play, but dont take too much time.

SCORING: your object is to have a low score. On the scorecard, it should say what the par is for each hole. Par is the average number of hits until the ball is in the hole. Aim for par. A bogey is one more than par, a double/triple/ etc etc bogey shows how many more than par you got; a birdie is one less than par, and youll probably never get an eagle, but it is 2 under par. And hole-in-one only works on par 3 holes, the smallest holes in golf. Keep track of how many times you hit the ball on the score card. At the end count them up. If you have more than the total they show ( they show the total if u get all pars) then you are plus how many over you are. If you have less than you are under by that many. If you have the same then u have 0 or par score. Thats scoring srry if its confusing

remember to watch the golf channel, look into lessons, and please excuse my grammer and spelling; it was alot to write.

Is there a "blue book" for golf course equipment?

Posted by Daryl
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Nope ! Used equipment really has no value . But you can go to any Golf equipment manufacture site and purchase it.They usually refurbish the equipment they take on trade an resell .There are also "Play it again" stores that sell used.

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Discount Golf Equipment

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