YouTube Golf Tips Instruction

YouTube Golf Tips Instruction
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Where am I going wrong with my golf swing? Link provided.?

Some pointers would be great so that I can head down to the driving range later to start making corrections.
My video is here:-

Posted by doug-the-rug
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You need hands-on instruction. There are so many concerns with your swing that can't be cured by internet tips. You need someone to put your hands on the club so you can see and feel the correct technique, you need someone put your club in the correct position in your back swing so that you can see and feel the correct technique, you need someone to set your wrists in the correct position at the critical points in your swing so you can see and feel the correct technique. Save yourself the wasted hours of pounding balls at the range incorrectly and get some hands-on help. You'll enjoy the game ten times more than you do now.

How to do a perfect swig in golf?

I'm new to golf and I'm "struggling" to do a good swing, I want to do a swing the proper way but don't know how to do so, so if anyone can give me tips on doing a golf swing the proper way I'd be greatful.

Posted by Matthew
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No one in Yahoo answers can possibly teach you how to make a "good" golf swing. It's too difficult to explain in words. The only advice I will give is to first learn how to hit straight, then learn how to hit it long.

The best way to develop a good swing is to take lessons from a qualified professional.

A second, but not as good, choice is to ask a friend who knows a lot about golf to evaluate your swing and give you some pointers.

You could also look at YouTube for videos that demonstrate a good golf swing, and try to emulate what you see there. There are many books on golf instruction. That might help also.

It's also not necessary to have a "perfect" golf swing. Some of the greatest golfers of all time have major flaws in their swings. Look at Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino or Jim Furyk, for example. But they learned how to hit consistently.

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